Concert-Pianist Rami Bar-Niv

      "Effective and Flamboyant"
                     The New York Times
"An original major talent"
                     Boston Globe

Rami's picture
Rami's picture


Video recital(recorded in CA, Feb 14, 1998 on Grand Piano TV series, available on DVD): Bach/Busoni - TOCCATA, ADAGIO & FUGUE IN C MAJOR. Mozart - SONATA IN F MAJOR, K. 332. Gershwin/Bar-Niv - RHAPSODY IN BLUE.

Video recital(recorded in CA, Mar 13, 1999 on Grand Piano TV series, available on DVD): Bar-Niv - PRAYER, DANCE, TOCCATA, SEPHARDIC MELODY (Ben-Haim), BLUE-RAG (published sheet music available from artist), Ben-Haim - Five pieces, Chopin - NOCTURNE in C SHARP MINOR, POLONAISE Op.53, Gershwin - Three PRELUDES, MEDLEY.

Grieg:PIANO CONCERTO in A minor Op 16. Noam Sheriff Conductingthe Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

Schumann: PIANO CONCERTO in A minor Op 54. Mendi RodanConducting the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

Gershwin: RHAPSODY IN BLUE (A complete piano solo version,arr. R. Bar-Niv), and Gershwin's 3 PRELUDES, 2 Joplin RAGS(MAPLE LEAF & THE ENTERTAINER), Bar-Niv'sTOCCATA, PRAYER & DANCE.

"Romantique" - Known classical pieces arrangedin 'pop' style with accompanying synthesizers and drum machines.

Saint-Saens PIANO CONCERTO No. 4, Gershwin's"RHAPSODY IN BLUE" with theJerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Gershwin's 3 PRELUDES.

Rami Bar-Niv with the Van Leer ChamberPlayers: Dvorak'sPIANO QUINTET OP. 81, Strauss' TILLEULENSPIEGEL, arranged for wind quintet and piano.Paul Ben-Haim's SERENADE for flute and string trio.


The JERUSALEM CONCERTO and other pianosolos by Chopin, Gershwin, Lecuona, Ben-Haim, and de Falla(LP out of print).

The Concord Duo - piano 4 hands: RamiBar-Niv with Zitta Zohar: Poulenc - SONATA (1918),Hindemith - SONATA, Robert Starer - FANTASIA CONCERTANTE,Moszkowsky - SPANISH DANCES OP. 12 NO. 1 & 2.

Published Compositions:

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Contact Information: Rami Bar-Niv, 14 Hativat Givati Street, Raanana, Israel, Tel & Fax: 972-9-774-4780, Fax in the US: 208-694-2964, Email:

Rami Bar-Niv offers concerts, master classes, workshops and lectures. Rami's CDs and sheet music can be purchased by contacting him directly.
Rami's Rhapsody Piano Camp for adults

After 32 "Rami's Rhapsody" piano weekends all over the country, the first "Rami's Rhapsody Piano Camp" was held in Utica, NY in November 2006 and was a complete success.

Participation is limited to 6 people. Camp is suitable for piano players of all levels - from complete beginners to professional performers and teachers.

Camp offers and includes:

*5 one hour-long private lessons with Rami Bar-Niv.
*Evening classes and musical activities with RB and with guest masters.
*At least 4 hours of daily piano time.
*Lunch, snacks, fruits, and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day.
*The nearby area offers hotel/motel accommodations and B&B.

For more details, or to sign up, please go here: Rami's Rhapsody and/or write to:

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